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True or False: Mental Illness can occur only after a person has reached adulthood.



Having a mental illness can affect the way that a person ______ , ______ , ______ . 

Behaves, thinks, and feels.


True or false: people with a mental illness will always be ill. 

False - with help and support from family, friends, and mental health professionals, people with a mental illness can recover and lead productive lives. 


Be healthy includes...? (3 things)

Having a body that feels good and works well, having a healthy mind and body, and not being sick. 


What causes mental illness?

No one knows.


What is one of the least effective ways of dealing with a mental illness?

Keeping feelings bottled up inside. 


If a person who is physically sick goes to see a medical doctor, a person who has a mental health problem sees a __________ ? 

Mental health professional, counselor, therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, or social worker. 

What does the term "diagnosis" mean?

To meet with a mental health professional and he/she/they gives what you are experiencing a name. 


If a person with a mental illness experiences "stigma", what does that mean?

Labeling someone in a negative way; saying bad things about a person; believing things about a person that aren't true and then making fun of the person; making someone feel different or picking on someone because they aren't like you; calling some names like "crazy".

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