Welcome to Maxim

Maxim has been making a difference in the lives of students and school partners for over. 

20 years 


Who should the employee notify if their schedule changes?

Thier Recruiter 


Name 5 dress code violations 

•Spandex and other similar fitted material


•Bare feet

•Pants or skirts that are worn below the waistline

•Sexually provocative clothing


•Clothing with profanity, nude or semi-nude pictures, or sexually suggestive or offensive slogans, cartoons, or drawings

•Exposed undergarments


If an employee is charged with an offense while working for Maxim, how long do they have to report it?

2 Business days 


If an employee wants to go the Marketplace Insurance Route, who should they email?

Lisa Landry.  Lisa.Landry@ushadvisors.com