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The boy had nothing to do as he sat alone during the summer
What is bored
He laid on his bed looking at his homework that is due the next day.
What is unmotivated
The little boy was spending the night with his best friend. When it was bedtime he wanted to ask his friend's parents to take him home.
What is homesick
The boy knew that when he got home from school they were going to go get a new puppy.
What is excited


What is the default skin, and what name does it have?

There is no such thing as a "skin" in this gameThe skin is a bear who doesn't have a nameThe skin is a man named SteveThe skin is a woman named JodyThe skin is a dog named Chubbs 

What are the main hostile mobs in Minecraft?

Wolf, Bear, Sharks and AlligatorsBlaze, Zombie, Enderman and the SpiderZombie, Creeper, Skeleton, Spider and the EndermanGhast, Zombie Pigmen, Silverfish and the BlazeI got nothin'

The mom heard crying from her four year old child. When she went to see what happen, she saw the child trying to tie his own shoe and was not able to do it. How is the child feeling?
What is frustrated
The marathon runner was tired but still wanted to finish the race.
What is determined
The boy went to his hispanic friend's house and his family was speaking Spanish. He did not know how to speak Spanish.
What is out of place or left out.
The student wanted to make a good grade so he studied every night and did extra work for the class.
What is motivated

Who is the creator of Minecraft?







What are the three mobs you can have as pets (as in, they have to be tamed)?

The Dolphins, Crabs and Fish

The Butterflies, Worms and Ladybugs

Uh....This is a trick question - you cannot have pets in this game

The Wolves, Ocelots and Horses

As the father listened to the his son's story about how the car was wrecked, he began to wonder if his son's story was the truth. How is the father feeling?
What is suspicious
The student walk proudly to the front of the class to give his speech because he had practiced it many times the night before. How is the student feeling?
What is confident
The boy ask the pretty girl for a date and she said "no". How is the boy feeling?
What is rejected
The boy learning how to drive, drove very slowly because he didn't want to have a wreck.
What is cautious

Which character is well-known to be a hoax?

There is no scary character in the game


The Ender



True or False: Minecraft is only single-player.

FalseTrueI don't know

The man sat in jail thinking about what he had done.
What is regret
She bought a __________ card to give her friend whose father had died because she felt sorry for her friend. What is she feeling?
What is sympathy
The man worked from sun up to sun down.
What is exhausted
The girl moved to a new town and today was her first day at her new school.
What is anxious

Which block must you have to survive?






How does Minecraft end?

When you fall into the void

There is no end to Minecraft

Killing everything

When you defeat the Ender dragon

Once your level is 1,000 

once you feel nothing

The boy watched the girl that he has liked for a long time laugh, talk and hold hands with the most popular boy in school.
What is envious or envy
The children continued to be noisy while the woman was trying to talk and listen to her friend. How is the woman feeling?
What is irritated, bothered, annoyed, aggravated
The girl had a lot of homework and she was getting home late from the game. She also had to work the next day after school.
What is overwhelmed
The father rushed to the hospital because the police called and said his son had been in a car wreck. When he got to the hospital his son was fine with only some scratches and bruises.
What is relieved or relief

What are the main tools in Minecraft?

Pickaxe, sword, shovel and axe

A wand and the Book of Spells

Bow and arrowsYour brain

Your fists

I'll make the last one easy - what is Minecraft?

A game with a world made of blocks

I'm dumb

A game about magic

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