Women at Clearcover
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Famous Firsts
International Women’s Day

This Clearcover department contains the highest percentage of women

What is HR?


In this year, American women won the right to vote

What is 1920?


This woman was the first to fly solo over the Atlantic Ocean

Who is Amelia Earhart?


First female vice president of the United States

Who is Kamala Harris?


The official date of International Women’s Day

What is March 8th?


This woman leader joined Clearcover from PURE Insurance

Who is Vandana Venkat?


In 1955, this black seamstress helped launch the civil rights movement by refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama

Who is Rosa Parks?


This 2016 movie recounted the contributions of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson who were mathematicians at NASA during the 1960’s space race

 What is Hidden Figures?


The first woman to serve as a Supreme Court justice

Who is Sandra Day O’Connor?


Each year, International Women’s Day has an official theme, including this theme for 2023

What is “#EmbraceEquity”?


This current Clearcoverer has the longest tenure among all women at Clearcover

Who is Mac Hughes

Pro Tip: She was also the first woman hired at Clearcover


In this year, Title VII legislation was signed into law banning employment discrimination based on gender, race, religion or national origin

What is 1964?


This woman was the first to travel into space

Who is Sally Ride?


This woman was the first to appear on a United States circulating coin to honor her for her leadership in the women’s suffrage movement

Who is Susan B. Anthony?

(The Susan B. Anthony dollar was first released in 1979.


This American president first declared March to be “Women’s History Month”

Who is Barack Obama?

(In 2011, President Obama declared March as Women’s History Month to mark the 100-year anniversary of the first International Women’s Day events held in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. Source:https://www.internationalwomensday.com/Activity/15586/The-history-of-IWD


This Clearcover data science leader serves as a civilian volunteer for the Coast Guard, also known as a Coast Guard Auxiliarist

Who is Carolyn Olsen?


The passage of this legislation in 1972 led to equal opportunity for girls and women in education, athletics and other federally-funded programs

What is Title IX?


Often referred to as the “Queen of Code”, this pioneer in the field of computer programming created a computing language that eventually became known as COBOL

Who is Grace Hopper?


This woman, known as the “Queen of Soul” was the first to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Who is Aretha Franklin?


#BreakTheBias is an International Women’s Day theme focused on improving gender equality in this rising technology

What is artificial intelligence?


Abbey Depoorter is a Clearcoverer who recently founded Clearcover’s newest ERG focused on this group of employees

What is Special Needs Parents?


In this year, American women were first allowed to have credit cards in their own name

What is 1974?


This woman was the first black woman astronaut to travel into space aboard the space shuttle Endeavor

Who is Dr. Mae Jemison?


In 2000, this woman became America’s first self-made female billionaire, according to Forbes magazine

Who is Martha Stewart?


The first year an International Women’s Day was celebrated

What is 1911?

Arguably 1909, also an acceptable date. 

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