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This European time period stretched from the 5th century to the 15th century

What is the Middle Ages?


The State of Maryland ceded land to this federal entity, which would later become the capital of the United States

What is the District of Columbia/Washington DC?


It is a major metropolitian area in Northern Texas

What is Dallas/Fort Worth?


It was the Chinese dynasty BEFORE the Republic of China, and ended in 1912.

What is the Qing Dynasty?

It was a long-forgotten colonial seaport near Annapolis that I went to on a field trip.

What is Londontowne?


It is the least populated state

What is Wyoming (Pop. 578,759)


It was in these years that Rodgers Forge was developed and built by James Keelty and his company

What is from 1934 to 1956?


It was in this year that Rodgers Forge Elementary School was built

What is 1952?


This very small and obscure Pacific island nation beginning with "N" is the most obese nation on Earth and had a limestone mining boom.

What is Nauru?


It was in this DECADE that Baltimore was founded in

What is the 1720s?

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