Which do I prefer, singing or listening to music?

I prefer listening to music


How many animals do I have?

I have three animals at home


Who is my favorite Japanese baseball player?

My favorite player is Ichiro Suzuki


Whose music do I like the most?

A) Ryuichi Sakamoto     B)Dreams Come True

C) BTS                         D) AKB-48

I love the music of Ryuichi Sakamoto


What is my favorite place to travel in Japan?

I love traveling to Kyoto, where I can visit Fushimi Inari and Kiyomizudera


Which sport did I play as a child?

A)Badminton       B)Sumo

C)Soccer             D)Golf

I played soccer as a child


What is Portland's nickname?

A) Rose City     B) Rock City

C) Bridge City   D) Track Town USA

Portland is called the Rose City because there are many rose gardens there


What two sports did I play in high school? (Pick two)

A) Basketball     B) Soccer

C) Distance Running    D) Football

I played both x-country and basketball in high school


What instrument did I play in high school?

I played the trumpet in high school, but I was not very good at it


What is my favorite Japanese food?

A) Sashimi     B) Karaage

C) Ramen      D) Okonomiyaki

I love eating okonomiyaki, especially when it is Hiroshimayaki


How many Pokemon cards did I have as a child? (Closest answer wins)

I had 1000 Pokemon cards when I was a child


What is my brother`s favorite rock band?

A) Led Zeppelin     B) Radwimps

C) Th Beatles        D) One OK Rock

My brother likes to listen to Led Zeppelin, from the U.K.


What is my favorite Japanese sport?

A) Sumo     B) Kendo

C) Karate     D) Judo

I love watching sumo wrestlers in the ring


Which device did I listen to music on most often as a young child?

A) CD Player     B) Iphone

C) Radio           D) Record Player

I listened to records with my father on the record player


Which Pokemon is my favorite?

A) Charizard (rizaadon) B) Poliwhirl (nyorozo)

C) Scizor (hasamu)       D) Palkia (parukia)

I think Poliwhirl is very cute and powerful


Who is my favorite Japanese author?

A) Haruki Murakami

B) Kenzaburo Oe

C) Hiromi Kawakami

D) Banana Yoshimoto

My favorite Japanese author is Haruki Murakami


Where is my mom`s favorite vacation spot?

A) Mexico     B) U.K.

C) California, U.S.A.  D) Canada

My mother loves to travel to California with our family


How many years have I played basketball? (closest answer wins)

I have played basketball for 22 years


How many concerts have I been to? (Closest answer wins)

I have been to over 100 concerts in my lifetime


What is my favorite season in Japan? (can you guess the reason why?)

I love fall in Japan because the leaves are changing and because the school year starts again


What language did I study for only 6 months?

A) Korean     B) Spanish

C) French     D) Chinese

I studied Chinese for only 6 months


What is my nickname for Yodi?

I call Yodi my `little old lady`


My favorite football team has what mascot?

A) Raven ( 烏 )    B) Lion

C) Bear    D) Dolphin

I cheer for the Baltimore Ravens football team


I went to Fuji Rock Music Festival in Niigata Prefecture in 2018, who was my favorite artist there?

A) Bob Dylan     B) Jack Johnson

C) Sakanaction       D) Maximum the Hormone

I love listening to Jack Johnson play guitar


Which Japanese Kanji do I like the most?

A) 熊   B) 雪

C)  院   D) 和

My favorite Kanji is Kuma because I sleep like a bear does

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