Winter Phrases
Winter Flavors
Winter Holidays
Winter Wildlife
Winter Weather
Winter Activities
Winter Olympics

You’re on thin ____

Ledges or Ice

 What is Ice?


The hot sweet drink is a wintertime favorite for children and adults.

Hot chocolate or saki

What is Hot chocolate?


Nice children get presents, while naughty ones get coal.

Halloween or Christmas

What is Christmas?


What do Bears, Bats and Snails do in the winter to prepare for Spring?

Toilet Tissue Commercials or Hibernate

What is Hibernate?


Light snow falling for short durations. No accumulation or perhaps light dusting.

Texas' wish or flurries

What are flurries?


What winter activity involves throwing cold, spheres?

Marble toss or Snowball fight

What is a Snowball fight?


This country has won a gold medal at every Winter Olympics. 

Russia or USA

What is the United States?


"Feeling really sick" is this.

Bloated or Under the weather

What is Under the weather?


What spice is commonly used in gingerbread cookies?

cardamom or ginger

What is Ginger?


Children get 8 nights of gifts

Hannukah or Kwanzaa

What is Hanukkah?


What dapper animal looks like it is wearing a tuxedo?

Zebra or Penguin

What is a Penguin?


What form of precipitation consists of ice pellets, often mixed with rain or snow?

Schnussing or Sleet

What is Sleet?


This winter activity involves gliding on ice wearing special shoes.

Boot scooting or Ice skating

What is Ice skating?


This Olympic sport involves a sled, high speeds and a mountain track.

Sleighrides or Bobsledding

What is Luge or bobsledding?


I slept so well last night, I was out __________.

Side or Cold

What is Out Cold?


Christmas candy made for 300 years and used as a sweet treat or decoration.  

candy cane or carrots

What is a Candy Cane?


For the Chinese New Year, young people are given money in envelopes of this color.

Gold or Red

What is Red?


These white, huge, and furry animals withstand the cold temperatures, and advertise soda.

White Fox or Polar Bear

What is a Polar Bear?


What are dangerous winter storms, snow accumulation and blowing snow and wind with low visibility.

Blizzard or Grey Skies

What is  a Blizzard?


What do you create when you lie on snow and flap your arms?

A spectacle of yourself or A snow angel

What is a Snow angel?


How often are the Winter Olympics held? 

every 2 years or every four years

What is every 4 years?


That’s just the tip of the __________.

Iceberg or Nose

What is Iceberg?


A winter drink is made with egg, milk, and a lot of sugar?

Eggnog or Mulled wine

What is Egg nog?


UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand celebrate with gifts on December 26th.

Boxing Day or Dessert Day 

What is Boxing day?


What happens to the arctic fox fur during winter?

Gets thicker or turns white

What is turns white?


Storm results with at least .25” of ice on exposed surfaces. Hazardous driving and walking.

White out or Ice Storm

What is an Ice Storm?


Dogs are essential for this winter sport.

Deer Hunting or dog sledding

What is Dog sledding?


This sport includes jumps called a lutz, and axel, and is on ice.

Ice Capades or Figure Skating

What is figure skating?


I’m no good at meeting new people, I can never seem to __________.

Break the Ice or Make Jokes

What is Break the ice?


What Italian dish is traditionally served on Christmas Eve, made of many different types of creatures?

Meatballs or Fish

What is Fish? 


This African holiday "first fruits", celebrates family, harvest, and unity.

Kwanzaa or Harvest Day

What is Kwanzaa?


The endangered feline species that are white with spots, cannot roar, and have paws are natural snow shoes?

Reindeer or Snow leopard

What is Snow Leopard?


Temperature measurement based on rate of heat loss from skin caused by wind and cold?

Frostbite or Wind Chill

What is Wind chill?


This is the most efficient way for individuals to traverse deep snow over long distances?

Snow shoeing or snow boarding

What is Snow shoeing?


This country hosted the first Winter Olympics.  

Switzerland or France 

What is France?


(timing) In the __________ of winter.

Dead or Chill

What is Dead of Winter?


What is traditionally hidden inside a Christmas pudding?

King Baby or Gold Coin

What is a gold coin?


In Spain, eat 12 on New Years Day to make sure you have good luck.

Prunes or Grapes

What are Grapes?


What "slow" moving animal goes underground during the winter when the temperature goes below the freezing level?

Sloths or Slugs

What are Slugs?


DAILY DOUBLE:  Being temporarily unable to see due to UV light reflecting from snow.

Face snowburn or snow blindness?

What is snow blindness?


Those who love four wheeling can do this winter activity instead.

Drinks by the fire or snowmobiling

What is Snowmobiling?


This was the year of the first Winter Olympics.

1924 or 1939

What is 1924?


To not talk to someone is to give them the __________.

Sniff or Cold Shoulder

What is the Cold shoulder?


DAILY DOUBLE! In which country is it now traditional to eat at KFC for Christmas dinner?

United States or Japan

What is Japan?


What Asian holiday takes place in Winter and celebrates with fireworks.

Umbrella Day or Chinese New Year

What is Chinese New Year?


Instead of a nest, where do emperor penguins incubate their egg?

Armpit or top of feet.

What is top of feet?


Sunsets are more dramatic during the winter due to the lack of this.

Rain or humidity

What is humidity?


This Winter team sport is played on ice and involves a broom!  

Witch flying lessons or curling

What is Curling?


This country has the highest all-time total medal tally at the Winter Olympics.

Russia or Norway

What is Norway?  (368 medals: 132 gold, 125 silver, and 111 bronze)