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What sweet ingredient is white as snow and is used for baking?

What is sugar?


What sports game is played with a puck (round, flat, and black object).

What is Hockey?


We know of Frosty the Snowman, but which other animated snowman warmed our hearts in the movie Frozen.

Who is Olaf?


How many sides does a snowflake have?

What are 6 sides?


Can shouting near a mountain covered with snow cause an avalanche? 

True or False?

What is False?

The human voice doesn’t have enough power to cause an avalanche by itself. Wind and other more powerful sound waves are likelier causes.


This type of candy has white and red stripes.

What is a candy cane?


What is created when you lay on a snowy surface and flap your arms?

What are Snow Angels?


This furry animal really loves his acorns in the movie Ice Age

Who is Scrat?


Which dog breed is usually known to pull sleds in the snow.

What are Huskies?


When does Winter officially start in the Northern Hemisphere?

A. December 18th

B. December 19th

C. December 20th

D. December 21st

What is December 21st?


What type of Hispanic/Latinx food is usually consumed during Winter?

What are tamales or Pozole?


What are winter dogs best known for doing?

What is Dog Sledding?


What type of dancing was Maurice the penguin doing in the movie Happy Feet?

What is tap-dancing?


I am white, round, and shaped like a ball.
But! I cannot bounce or else I'd fall
And that would be the end once and for all.
What am I?

What is a snowball?


One of these animals can turn white in the winter.

A) Grizzly Bear

B) Snow Hare

C) Ptarmigan (yes that is a real animal)

D) Ground hogs

What is a Snow Hare?


What does a snowman like to eat for breakfast?

What are Frosted Flakes?


What are the playing pieces shaped as in the board game CandyLand?

What are Gingerbread Men?


What were the 4 elemental spirits in Frozen 2 and what did they look like?

What is a lizard (Fire), the wind (Wind), a horse (Water), and rock giants. (Earth)


What can you catch during the winter season but not with your hands...

What is a cold?


Other than planet Earth, which other planets do scientists believe also contains snow?

A. Neptune/Saturn

B. Saturn/Venus

C. Venus/Mars

D. Mars/Neptune

What are Venus and Mars?


This type of traditional cake is usually filled with many yummy dried ingredients that have seeds in them and is quite colorful

What is a fruit cake?


This hobby is usually done to create cozy sweaters for the winter?

What is Knitting?


This movie had the characters go through a closet to reach what world?

What is Narnia?


♪ ♪ ♪Frosty the snowman was a jolly happy...

What is a soul?


Reindeers are a subspecies of what animal?

A. Antelope

B. Caribou

C. Elk

D. Deer

What are Caribou?