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What holiday tradition is loved by adults and children all over the world but is originally from Ukraine?

Easter eggs


Which country has the second Ukrainian speaking community in the world?

Canada (1.4 million)


Name 5 Ukrainians who are or were famous all over the world.



When somebody says : "Make yourself at home", what do they mean?

It means they want you to feel comfortable in their house.


What is the Scotland`s national animal?

a) a unicorn

b)a horse

c) a centaur



How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites are there in Ukraine?



An interesting fact is that Ukrainian was rated the 3rd most beautiful language in 1934, just behind French and Persian; it was also rated the 2nd most melodic language, just behind...



How many regions are there in Ukraine?






"bring home the bacon" means...

a) to come back from food shopping

b) to earn money, to make a living

c) to come home after a long hard day



Dance our Wizard Camp dance all together to get the points.


What is the name of the woman that "brought literacy and education to Europe"?

Anna Yaroslavivna, the Queen of France


Name 5 words that are similar in English and Ukrainian. (not terms)

film,leader,interview,sweater,humor, comfort etc...


The second located in Kyiv.

Subway station


Explain the difference between the idioms "bed of nails" and "bed of roses"

Bed of roses - an easy and happy existence.

Bed of nails  - an easy and happy existence.


Which sea creatures have the heart in their head?



The most translated among Ukrainian poetry works has been translated into 147 languages. Who is the author of this poem? And what is the title?

Testament by Taras Shevchenko


Give an English definion of some Ukrainian words:

теревенити, бідолашний, віхола, посиденьки, паляниця, примарний:)



What is the most and the least commonly used letters in the Ukrainian alphabet?

the most commonly used letter is П and the least is Ф


What do people do, when they eat somebody out of house and home?

They eat all the food in somebody`s house:)


What is octothorpe?

P.S. It`s an official name of something you can find on the keyboard.

It`s a hashtag symbol. the "octo-" prefix refers to the eight points on the popular symbol, but the "thorpe" remains a mystery. One theory claims that it comes from the Old English word for "village," based on the idea that the symbol looks like a village surrounded by eight fields! 


During the Anglo-Boer War (South Africa) in 1899-1902, the commander of one of the Boer units, Ukrainian Yuriy Budyak, saved a young English journalist from being shot. Later, the journalist helped Budyak enter Oxford University. Shortly afterwards he became one the most influential politicians of Britain and the whole world. The name of the English journalist was...

Winston Churchill


Cook County in Illinois is known to be the 16th largest local government in the world. About 5.5 million people live in this district, the district includes the city of Chicago along with its suburbs.What is the connection between the Ukrainian language and this County?

Outside of Europe, Ukrainian language has a semi-official status in the USA (Cook County, Illinois).Ukrainian language was chosen as one of the most widely spoken languages in this area.


Name 5 "the most" about Ukraine

1.Ukraine has the largest reserve of the black soil in the world.

2. There is the largest desert in Europe - Oleshkiv sands.

3.The longest wind musical instrument in the world is the Ukrainian trembita.

4.Ukraine is the biggest Europen country.

5.State Enterprise"Antonov" designed and created the world's most powerful aircraft with the largest cargo capacity - An-225 "Mriya". It weighs 640 tons and can lift 80 passenger cars into the air at once!


give the definition of the idioms: 

  • Get on like a house on fire
  • Everything but the kitchen sink
  • Elephant in the room

- Two people like each other very much and become friends very quickly.

-Almost all that you can imagine of sth.

-An obvious problem or difficult situation that people do not want to talk about.


What is triskaidekaphobia? 

P.S. Think about numbers:)

A fear of number 13

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