I have no idea??
What could it be??
I hope I know the answer!!!
These look hard!!!
A toy store had 382 stuffed bears in stock when they got another shipment with 10 bears in it. Then 59 bears were sold. The number of bears the toy store still has in stock.
What is 333
While playing a trivia game, Antonio answered 16 questions correct in the first half and 40 questions correct in the second half. If each question was worth 23 points, what was his final score?
What is 1288
A pet store had 90 Siamese cats and 45 house cats. During a sale they sold 56 cats. How many cats do they have left?
What is 79
At the carnival Adam bought 120 tickets. He rode 5 rides and used 50 tickets. How many tickets did he have left?
What is 70 tickets?
Zoe and her friends were recycling paper for their class. For every eight pounds they recycled they earned 25 points. If Zoe recycled 72, how many points did she earn?
What is 225?
At the Colleyville town carnival Mrs. Redwine rode the Ferris wheel seventeen times, the Hurricane 16 times and the bumper cars three times. If each ride cost twelve tickets, how many tickets did she use?
What is 432
Jocelyn bought two coloring books. One had 224 pictures and the other had 439. After one week, she had already colored 24 of the pictures. How many pictures does she still have to color?
What is 639
A worksheet had 17 problems on it. If Mrs. Herring had 97 worksheets to grade, how many problems will she grade?
What is 1,649
Brandon had 73 new cards and 242 old cards to put in his binder. Brandon was organizing his baseball cards in a binder with five on each page. How many pages would he use?
What is 63
Tyler was collecting cans for recycling. On Saturday, he filled up five bags and on Sunday he filled eight more bags. Each bag on Saturday had 389 cans inside and the bags on Saturday were filled with 289 cans each. How many cans did he pick up in all?
What is 4,257???
For Halloween Prisella and her sister combined the candy they received. Prisella had 89 pieces of candy while her sister had 60. If they each ate eight pieces the first night, how many pieces do they have left?
What is 133
A trivia team had 19 members total. If each member scored 16 points, how many points were scored total?
What is 304
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