Positive Attitude
Work Scenarios
Getting a Job

Name two things you should do each morning to insure good personal hygiene?

Brush Teeth, Wash Face, Shower, Put on Deodorant, Comb Hair, Wear Clean Clothes


What word means "showing great excitement or interest"? (cooperate enthusiastic)



Mark has the worst job today, at least I'm already done what I have to do.

Ask mark if he could use some help


You are given a job, but you are not sure how to do it.  What should you do?

Ask for help from your supervisor or co-worker.


True/False   I should put my parents down as a reference on a job application?

False: Relatives or close friends should not be references.


After working or before eating I should do this with my hands.

Wash them with soap and water for 20 seconds.

What is a co-worker?
someone you work with

Sweeping the floor is the worst job!

Sometimes I need to do tasks I don't love but it is important to do what I am asked.


You forgot you have your cousin's birthday party on Friday night and you are scheduled to work.

Ask a co-worker to switch you.

 Go to the party late if you have to.  Sometimes we have to make sacrifices for our work.


How should I dress for a job interview?

Answers vary: Clean dress shirt and dress pants, Tie, Clean dress


List two things that are necessary for good oral hygiene.

floss, brush teeth, mouth wash

Define a boss.
The person in charge, the person you work for

Today at work there is a new person starting.

introduce yourself and say hi


A customer asks you where something is in the store, but you don't know where to find it, what could you do?

Ask a co-worker or supervisor.


True or False: I should arrive early for a job interview.



Pretend you have just moved into a new apartment, make a list for the store of all the items you would need to take a shower.

shampoo  soap conditioner


Define Teamwork.

Working together to complete a job.

Working together to meet a goal.


While you are helping a customer with their order they start to tell you that you've gotten the order wrong. They start to yell at you.  What should you do?

Stay calm and get your boss

What should you do if your alarm didn't go off and you know that you are going to be late for work?
call the boss and let them know you will be a few minutes late and get ready as quickly as you can

How could I prepare for an interview?

Practice what you want to say


List all items needed in order to have a clean uniform? (atleast 3)

laundry detergent, iron, washing machine, dryer 


Define "dependable".

Being reliable 

Being Trustworthy

You can be counted on


You are schedule to work, but you want to stay home and watch T.V.  What should you do?

Go to work.  People are depending on you and it shows you are being responsible and professional.


Imagine you saw a co-worker taking a couple dollars out of the cash register drawer each time they opened it. What would you do?

Tell your boss.


True or False:  Teachers and PAES supervisors are good references to put on a job application?

True: They can speak highly of your skills and abilities!

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