Alleble history
Vidja games

What item was sold for free in front of tangents enchantments for free for a limited time

A) Prot 4 B) sharp 5 C) Silk touch D) mending

D) mending


What isn't gonna be added in 1.19

A) Mud B) New world height C) fireflies D) Mud

 B) new world height


What isn't a nintendo franchise (Published)

A) mega man B) Bayonetta C) Snipperclips D) Mario lol

A) mega man


Who played Anakin in the Star Wars prequels 

A) Haden Christensen B) Alec Baldwin C) Samuel L Jackson D) Bruce Willis

A) haden christensen


What teacher made a controversial anti mask post on facebook

A) Mr solari B) Mr Durocher C) Mr Degano D) Mr ketterling

D) mr kellerling


When I first joined the server what item did I successfully steal for from Christian

A) 2 ancient debris B) 1 diamond block C) Dragon egg D) Enchanted golden apple

A) 2 ancient debris


What was the games original name

A) Sandbox B) Cave game D) The end D) The Nether

B) cave game


What game won game of the year 2021

A) It takes 2 B) Deathloop C) Resident evil 8 D) Metroid dread

A) it takes 2


What is the only Spiderman to not have 3 movies

A) Tobey Maguire B) Andrew Garfield C) Tom holland 

D) Kingston Mcgregor

B) Andrew garfeild


How many kids go to the fabled school

A) 750 B) 775 C) 800 D) 825


What was the allele server originally created for

A) A deathswap server B) A parkour game that Aidan made C) A modded minecraft server D) an anarchy server

D) anarchy server


Whats the name of the studio that makes the music for minecraft 

A) C418 B) C419 C) C420 D) C421

A) C4 18


Whats the game developer behind hit game among us

A) Darium B) Plarium C) Starium D) Innersloth

D) inner sloth


What does ratatouille have on rotten tomatoes

A) 89 B) 94 C) 96 D) 98

B( 94


What isn't a Loyola hockey team name

A) spice boys B) Braves C) Warriors D) Scouts

A) spice boys


What is the priority of the fart farm on the allele document

A) low B) Medium C) very high D) high

D) high


Why was notch banned from minecraft gatherings

A) Controversial tweets B) Adding ways to break bedrock minecraft C) Not showing up to minecraft live D) Making fun of his own game on twitter

A) Controversial tweets


What is the best selling video game system ever

A) ps2 B) original game boy C) Wii D) DS

A) Ps2


Who has been in more movies

A) Samuel l Jackson B) Dwayne johnson C) Tom holland D) Will Smith 

A) Samuel l Jackson 


What is the current Loyola tuition

A) 8950 $ B) 9250$ C) 9450$ D) 9950$

D) 9950


the historical everburning pp was build next to:

A) Kingstons soon to be house B) The melon farm C) Christians soon to be trident store D) My house

A and D


What came first in minecraft the chicken or the egg

A) Chicken B) Egg C) Both D) I don't know

C) Both


What was sagas last console before they stopped producing consoles 

A) Jaguar B) dreamcast C) 32x D) saturn

B) dreamcast


Why was spies in disguise a special movie.

A) it was the last movie released by Blue sky studios

B) It was the last box office movie before COVID

C) it was the highest grossing non Disney dreamwork animated movie ever

D) Its the only movie to have the 3 most expensive actors in one film



What is the correct Loyola front address

A) 7772 B) 7722 C) 7272 D) 7227

avenue Sherbrooke west

C 7272

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