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What was the first video ever on YouTube?

A: The first video

B: Me at the zoo

C: How to brush your teeth

D: Helpful tips for youtube

What is Me at the zoo


What gender uses YouTube more?

A: Male

B: Female

What is Male


What was the top ad in 2021?

A: A collaboration with Hyundai and BTS

B: A animal shelter

C: LeBron James

D: A hair product

What is a collaboration with Hyundai and BTS


What is the main factor in YouTubes ranking method?

A: Views

B: Likes

C: Subscribers

D: Comments

What is views


Who has the most subscribers on YouTube?

A: T Series

B: MrBeast

C: Cocomelon

D: PewDiePie

What is T Series


Where did the creators of YouTube work before?

A: Microsoft

B: PayPal

C: Apple

D: Walmart

What is PayPal


What generation binge watches YouTube every day? 

A: Millennials

B: Gen x

C: Baby boomers

D: Gen z

What is millennials


What percent of small businesses use YouTube?

A: 82%

B: 9%

C: 50%

D: 23%

What is 9%


What is the most important quality of a YouTube video?

A: Visuals

B: Sound

C: Scent

D: Message

What is Sound


How many views does the Baby Shark Song have?

A: 2 billion

B: 11 billion

C: 987 million

D: 500 million

What is 11 billion


When was YouTube created?

A: 2002

B: 2003

C: 2005

D: 2007

What is 2005


What is YouTubes net worth?

A: 148 billion

B: 986 million

C: 1.8 trillion

D: 170 billion

What is 170 billion


What is the popular type ad?

A: Non-skippable ad

B: Skippable ad

C: Bumper ad

D: Display ad

What is skippable ad


What does CTA stand for?

A: Critical Television Association  

B: Call to Action

C: Club of Turtle Aid

D: Clinical Trial Application 

What is Call to action


What is the most disliked video on YouTube?

A: Baby by Justin Bieber

B: Revenge

C: YouTube Rewind 2018

D: Baby Shark

What is Revenge


How much money did google buy YouTube for?

A: 1.65 billion

B: 1 billion

C: 967 thousand

D: 2 trillion

What is 1.65 billion


What percent of households with and average income of above $100,000 use YouTube

A: 34%

B: 50%

C: 89%

D: 14%

What is 89%


What percent of people buy the product after seeing in on an ad?

A: 29%

B: 44%

C: 5%

D: 72%

What is 44%


What is the average length of a YouTube video?

A: about 6

B: about 47

C: about 15 minutes

D: about 22

What is about 15 minutes


What is the most liked video on YouTube?

A: Despacito

B: Compilation of funny fails

C: Water Bottle Flip 2

D: $456,000 Squid Game In Real Life

What is Despacito


How many hours of YouTube is watched every month? 

A: 4 billion

B: 3

C: 37 thousand

D: 82 million

What is 4 billion


What country use YouTube the most in January 2022?

A: India


C: Mexico

D: Russia

What is India


How much ad revenue did YouTube make in 2021?

A: About 29 billion

B: About 89 billion

C: About 921 million

D: About 3 billion

What is about 29 billion


What is a high retention video?

A: A video that is for a business

B: A video that is short and to the point

C: A video that is educational

D: A video that keep people watching

What is a video that keep people watching


Who has brought in the most money from YouTube?

A: PewDiePie

B: MrBeast

C: Cocomelon

D: Ninja

What is MrBeast

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