Search Tips

By default, JeopardyLabs will search the title, category names, questions and answers for anything matching your query. Searches are case insensitive. But JeopardyLabs also has some advanced search operators you can use for better searching.

Quick Examples

+title:math +created:[2020-10-01 TO 2020-10-31]
Find games with "math" in the title, that were created during October, 2020

category:"milton friedman" -economics
Find games with a category name containing the exact phrase "milton friedman", but nothing in the game mentions "economics".

body:(milton friedman) +created:[2020-01-01 TO *]
Find games with "milton" or "friedman" in any question/answer (with a preference for games containing both terms) that were created after the beginning of 2020.

"milton friedman"
Find games containing the exact phrase "Milton Friedman".

Find games containing an least 1 image.

Should, Must and Must Not

You are probably used to using boolean operators like AND, OR and NOT for doing searches. JeopardyLabs uses different operators + (MUST) and - (MUST NOT). A space is implicit for the SHOULD operator.


sin cos tan
At least one of those terms must be in the game, with a preference for games that include more matching terms. These terms are implicitly joined with a space (which is the SHOULD operator).

Milton +Friedman
The term "Friedman" must be in the game somewhere, with a preference for games that mention "Milton" too.

Economics economy -Friedman
Find games that mention economics or economy that don't mention "Friedman" at all.

You can also use parentheses for grouping.

Economics economy -(Friedman Hayek)
Find games that mention economics or economy that don't mention "Friedman" nor "Hayek" at all.

Field Specific Searches (title, category, body, created, images)

title:(american history) searches for games that have "american" or "history" in the title. The parentheses are required if you enter multiple words. Something like title:american history would find games with "american" in the title, or "history" anywhere within the game.

body:"como se llama" finds games with that exact phrase in any of the questions/answers (the body field encompasses every question/answer).

+category:baseball +category:football finds games with both terms somewhere in the category names (it's equivalent to category:(+baseball +football)). Note there is no way to ensure they're separate categories. This query would match a single category called "Baseball, Football, and Basketball Facts".

created:[2020-10-31 TO *] finds games created on or after Halloween 2020.

created:{2020-10-31 TO 2020-12-31] finds games created after Halloween 2020, but before the new year (use {} for exclusive ranges, and [] for inclusive ranges).

images:>2 finds games with more than 2 images (you can use the operators >, <, >= and <=)