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Additional Login Help

  1. Are you certain you paid for an account?
    Most people who use this website don't pay for one because I offer so much for free already (you're welcome).
  2. Use the username/email associated with your account.
    It is not necessarily the email address you initially registered with (if you changed your email), nor is it necessarily your PayPal email address.
  3. Try every email address you have ever used.
    There is no limit to the number of email addresses you can check, so try them all.
  4. Check for typos.
    If your browser is autofilling, it could be injecting a typo without you even realizing it.
  5. Not receiving the password reset email?
    Check your spam folder or "All Mail". Not there? Your mail server is swallowing the email. IT needs to fix their filters.
  6. Do you know the right email address but lost access to it?
    I can update your email address if (and only if) you can provide sufficient evidence of account ownership. Acceptable evidence includes: the receipt, card fingerprint (card type, last 4, and expiration date), or some public record of your old and new email addresses (on a school website, for example). Read the last item in this list to find my email.
  7. Did Murphy's law get you?
    If you registered with a typo'd email address, and missed the big yellow warning about it, and logged out before fixing it, you're stuck. Send me an email with the approximate date of your registration, what the typo'd email address was (if you can) and I'll fix it. Read the last item in this list to find my email.
  8. None of the above applies?
    Email me, and explain the situation. It is your job to provide sufficient information to help me locate the account (the invoice, email addresses you may have used, or games you created using your account). My ability to find your account is limited by what you provide. See the next item for my email.
  9. The authentication system is never wrong.
    If you can't login, it is most definitely not because of a bug in my system. So don't get mad at me! With that understanding, scroll down to find my email address (yes, scroll down the page). I have to hide my address, otherwise I'm inundated with emails from people who didn't actually purchase an account.

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