About JeopardyLabs

JeopardyLabs is yet another project by Matt Johnson, an undergraduate at Washington State University, Vancouver (who should really be more focused on his studies). JeopardyLabs makes it easy to create jeopardy templates without PowerPoint. Give it a try, you'll probably like it a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to learn about JeopardyLabs is to mess around! Make sure you read everything on each page, and click all the links. This isn't an antiques store, you won't break anything. If you still need help, here are some questions I get asked way too much:

How do I edit my template?

When you save your template, you are given a URL to play the template (something like jeopardylabs.com/play/your-title). You are also given a URL where you can edit your template, it looks like jeopardylabs.com/edit/your-title. Just type that web address in your web browser when you want to edit your template.

How do I add pictures and other multimedia?

I allow you to add HTML in your questions and answers. Simply insert your img tag where you want your image to show up. If you don't know HTML, find someone who does.

Can I save my template to a flashdrive so I can play it without an internet connection?

Click the download link on your template.

Scoring doesn't work, what's wrong?

Nothing is wrong. You're doing it wrong. You must manually adjust the score. You can only adjust the score (using the + and - buttons) when you are viewing a question. You cannot adjust the score when you are viewing the main gameboard page.

How come the question box doesn't disappear after I've viewed it (in play mode)?

You need to allocate points to a team for that question. After you have given (or taken away) points for that question, it will disappear from the main gameboard.

I can't remember my username, how do I get it?

First, are you sure you even have a username? Most people use JeopardyLabs without ever creating one. Search your email for "JeopardyLabs". If nothing turns up, you probably don't have an account.

What about Double or Final Jeopardy?

If you want to pay for my college education, I might consider implementing it. And you'll need to pay for a lawyer when Alex Trebek sues me.

I need my template deleted from your website ASAP!

You can submit a template removal request. I will ignore requests via email.

JeopardyLabs is not affiliated with Jeopardy!® or Sony Pictures Digital Inc. So don't sue me Sony, seriously.