About JeopardyLabs

JeopardyLabs was created by me, Matt Johnson, while working on my undergrad at Washington State University, Vancouver. JeopardyLabs makes it easy to create jeopardy templates without PowerPoint. Give it a try, you'll probably like it a lot.

Questions and comments can be sent to...well, I won't give you my email until you read the FAQs below.

JeopardyLabs is not affiliated with Jeopardy!® or Sony Pictures Digital Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept PayPal payments?

No way. PayPal is an awful company, and you should close your account with them. I use Stripe.com to process payments. They are the leader in payment processing. Your sensitive card information is never stored on my server. If you're still worried about your credit card being stolen, use Privacy.com to generate temporary cards.

I can't login!!! What's wrong?

Did you pay $20 for a membership? If not, you don't have an account to login to. JeopardyLabs is free to use, and an account is optional.

Did you try the password reset form?

Did you verify you're using the right username/email? The correct username to use is in the password reset email.

Is the login or password reset form not recognizing your email address? Try a different email address. Maybe you registered with a different email.

Not getting the password reset email? Check your spam folder.

You paid for a membership, and JeopardyLabs still isn't recognizing your email? This is because you have a typo in your email address. You'll have to email me at support@jeopardylabs.com so I can manually fix the typo.

How do I put sound in my game?

Assuming your sound clip is hosted elsewhere (SoundCloud or YouTube for example), you can use the third party embed code they give you.

In your Jeopardy question, click the </> icon, and then paste in the code. Then click the </> icon again.

I'm trying to embed a YouTube video, and it isn't working!
The particular YouTube video you're trying to embed does not allow embedding, or it is a private video.
I can't see any questions or answers when I play the game.

I still have no idea why this happens to some people. If you have any clues, please let me know. It seems to happen only in Chrome, and must be caused by an extension you have installed. Try using a different browser, or open an incognito window. Feel free to email me about the problem. Please include the link you see here: https://aboutmybrowser.com

Can I save my template to a flashdrive so I can play it without an internet connection?

Yes. Click the download link on your template, and save the file to your flashdrive. Open the file using Chrome (or whatever web browser you use). No internet connection is required, but no external resources like videos or images will load.

What about Double or Final Jeopardy?

Just add an extra column or row to your game instead.

You still haven't answered my question!

Email me: support@jeopardylabs.com

I need my template deleted from your website ASAP!

You can submit a template removal request. I will ignore requests via email.