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His "S.O.S" really spoke to Calley's heart in her early teens.

Who is Joe Jonas?

Biblical or Bond...either way, a child with this name would probably get the nickname "Jamie" from his mother.

What is James?


Given one of her favorite foods, it's no surprise that this country has always been Calley's dream travel destination...and she's going next year!

What is Japan?


Other than snow, Calley's favorite weather event is this.

What is a thunderstorm?
"Tal" is short for this.

What is Talmadge?


Matthew McFayden's portrayal of this Jane Austen character is certainly not Calley's favoite; Colin Firth's is a million times better.

Who is Mr. (Fitzwilliam) Darcy?


A Gospel author.

Who is Luke/Lucas?


Calley has traveled to many countries, but she's spent the longest single stretch of time in this one across the pond.

What is England/Great Britain?


As an adolescent, Calley would not have said she was a fan of this artist, but somehow Calley's 2022 and 2022 Spotify wrapped have had her as the top artist.

Who is Taylor Swift?


Michael Mangum does not allow people to call him by this common nickname.

What is Mike?


Hayden Christensen may have divided fans of this film series with his portrayal of Anakin, but there was no denying his attractiveness (at least in Calley's eyes).

What is Star Wars?


Where there's a this, there's a way!

What is Will?

Calley works for this study abroad program, which is also her favorite place she's ever been.

What is Spoleto?


This smelly pasta dish is Calley's favorite.

What is truffle?


Calley's family uses many, many nicknames to address her. Name one.

What is Little Coo/Coo/Coo-ie/Calley Coo/Poodle/Curly Girl/Medium-blonde-girl/Little Poodle


Iam Somerhalder's Damon Salvatore may have been the villain for most of Season 1, but his sharp blue eyes had Calley swooning long before his redemption on this show.

What is Vampire Diaries?


Abbreviate a Jane Austen heroine's last name, or a tribe of Israel, and you get this potential baby name.

What is Ben?


Calley's parents have been property owners in Cabo, Mexico; Deer Valley, Utah; Bald Head Island, NC; and Wintergreen, VA. Which of these places has Calley gone to without her parents?

What is Wintergreen, VA?


You'll be in this if you don't know Calley's favorite childhood board game wasn't Scrabble, but this game where you try to get your four pieces safely around the board before everyone else's (and without getting sent back home when another player lands on you."

What is Trouble?


The old Mangum family business, CC Mangum, was what type of company?

What is asphalt paving?

Out of the following options, this BTS member is Calley's "bias," or favorite.

J-Hope, Jungkook, & Jimin

Who is Jimin?


Calley's mom considered naming her this, and Calley intends to use it for her first daughter

What is Alex/Alexandria?


In kindergarten, Calley took 2 weeks off of school to travel with her family to three sunny locations. Name one.

What are Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand?


Calley is always down for dinner at this nationwide chain restaurant...but she'd be content to leave after getting the bread.

What is Texas Roadhouse?


Walker Mangum has seemingly endless number of sports teams he follows and supports. Name two of his favorites (there are 11 acceptable answers).

What are NY Jets, NJ Devils, NC State Wolfpack, Texas A&M, Edmonton Oilers, Fulham FFC, Irish National Football Team, Miami Heat, Atlanta Braves, Las Vegas Raiders, whoever is playing UNC?