Sudden Emergencies
Environmental Emergencies
Check, Call, Care

Inability to think clearly, concentrate or focus on a task, hallucinations or delusions and obvious lack of motivation could be signs of this sudden medical emergency.

What is Mental Health Crisis.


Always call 911/Emergency Care Services for this type of heat-related emergency.

What is heat stroke?

Drinking plenty of fluids and avoiding spending too much time in the sun can prevent this environmental emergency.
What is heat-related emergencies?

This is the first step in the primary assessment.

What is Check the scene for safety?


These are the 4 ways poison can enter the body.

What are inhaled, swallowed, injected or absorbed?


These are the care steps for someone having a diabetic emergency.

What are: Give the person something sugary to eat or drink, such as glucose tablets, candy, fruit juice, or anything else on hand that contains sugar if they are conscious and can swallow.


This environmental emergency can be categorized as mild, moderate or severe.

What is hypothermia?


A healthy diet, exercise, personal stress management and taking medications if necessary could prevention this type of circulation emergency.

What is a heart attack?

You immediately call EMS/911 if the person is having difficulty with this.
What is breathing?
In the woods or grassy areas, wear long-sleeved shirt and pants and wear light colored clothing to prevent this medical incident.
What is stings and insect bites?

I never want to do this to someone having a seizure.

What is: restrain the person or put anything in their mouth.

An environmental emergency that is caused from not wearing sunglasses when you are outdoors in the wintertime.
What is snow blindness?

Wearing protective gear as necessary, not diving into shallow or unknown water and using ladders properly are prevention for this type of injury. 

What is head, neck and spinal injury?


This is the order of priority care to give if multiple life-threatening conditions are present.

What are 1) Life threatening bleeding

              2) Breath emergencies

              3) Suspected head, neck or spine inujuries


Headache, dizziness or light-headedness, confusion or altered level of responsiveness, weakness or fatigue, muscle cramps could be symptoms for this type of poison.

What is carbon monoxide?


As baby’s head comes out, support it with one hand. Do not push or pull. Once shoulders come out, be prepared for the rest to come out fast! Place baby face down and wrap in clean cloth. After the placenta comes, do not cut the cord. Treat mom and baby for shock. 

What is emergency childbirth?


This is the care for Cold Stressed: Not hypothermic

What is reduce heat loss (add dry clothing), provide high calorie food or drink and increase heat production (exercise)?


Avoid wearing cotton, covering up vulnerable areas (like ears and fingers) and going indoors periodically will prevent this emergency.

What is Hypothermia?


This is the first thing we check on the person.

What is for a response?


These plants can cause painful burns and blindness.

What is giant hogweed and wild parsnip?

In a sudden medical emergency you must check the scene to ensure it is safe, check ABC, call EMS/911 and get this medical device.
What is an AED?
When the tissue underneath the skin freezes this environmental emergency often appears in your extremities, such as ears, fingers, and nose.
What is frostbite?

Avoid substances that can cause a reaction, carry your medication with you, let others at school or work know about your condition and possible signs.

What is anaphylaxis?


These are the steps when providing continual care.

What are: comfort & reassure the person; have them rest in a comfortable position or the recovery position; keep them not too hot or cold; monitor their ABC's and overall condition; if appropriate, secondary assessment (SAMPLE, Vital Signs & Injury Check) 


True or false: Urine is the best way to neutralize the stinging sensation after a marine life sting.

What is false? Vinegar or baking soda & water works best.

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