Tamil Words/Letters

Thirukkural for: 

1) It is not right to forget the help rendered by someone but you must forget the harm a person has done to you the next minute. 

2) Who wrote Thirukkural?

1) Nandri Marappathu Nandrandru Nandrallathu Andre Marappathu Nandru

2) Thiruvalluvar 


Who is Vishvamithrar? What does his name mean? 

He is a great sage with many powers. 

His name means the world's friend. 


Who Am I? 

Aanaya Nayanaar


Say 6 words starting with the letter 'K' and their meaning 


What are the three Siva Sinangal? 

Veeboothi, Ruthratcham, Panaatchara Manthiram (Namashivaaya)


Thirukkural for: 

1) There is no limit to showing your love. It can be seen through your tears. 

2) How many Thirukkurals are there altogether? 

1) Anbitkum undo Adaikkum Thaal Aaarvalar Punkaneer Poosal Tharum 

2) 1330


Name of the demoness Rama first fought. 

What are the names of her two sons?

Why was Rama hesitant to kill her?

What did Vishvamithrar say? 


Maarisan Subaahu 

He was taught not to kill women 

To be a women one must have the appearance and characteristics. Thadahai does not possess these qualities and hence cannot be considered a woman. Therefore it is okay to kill her. 


How many Nayanars althogether? 

How many female Nayanars are there? And what's their name

63 Nayanars

3 Female Nayanars. Their names are Isaignaaniyaar, Kaaraikkaal Aamaiyaar, Mangatkarasiyaar. 


Say 7 words starting with the letter 'P' and their meaning 


List 25 Kambaramayanam Characters 


Meaning for: 

1) Ilivarinthu Unbaankan Inbampol Nitkum Kaliper Iraiyaan Kan Noi 

2) What's another name for Thiruvalluvar

1) Happiness is with those who eat moderately. Similarly, diseases stay with those who over-eat. 

2) Poyyamozhip Pulavar


What were the two main reasons that Kooni used against Kaikeki to convince her to make Bharathan king and send Rama away? 

1)If Rama becomes king, Kosalai will be more respected and if people come to you for help you will have to go and ask them for wealth and resources. 

2) Rama is not your child. So Kehayan is not his grandfather. What makes you think Rama wont go and invade your father's country after he becomes king!


What is the story of Murugar Naayanaar?


Say 8 colours in Tamil. 


Why do we celebrate Navarathri?

And what is the 10th day called and why? 

Destruction of Mahishasuran a demon who had the boon he could only be killed by a woman.
10th day is Vijaya Dasami which means day of Victory. It is the day Mahishasuran was defeated and peace was restored. 


Thirukkural for: 

1) The duty of a son/daughter is to make their father proud....

2) Speak out words after assuring yourself that no other word can defeat it.

3) List 2 chapter names from which you know thirukkural in.  

1) Mahan Thanthaikku aatrum uthavi Ivan Thanthai Enotrran Kol Ennumsol

2) Solluha Sollai Pirithorsol Achchollai Vellum Sol Inmai Arinthu 

3) Natpu, Marunthu, Kalvi 


What is the story of Ahalihai? 

Ahalihai is the most beutiful woman. Indhiran fell for her beauty and wanted to attain her. Indhiran disguised himself as Gowthaman, (Ahalihai's husband). Indhiran came to Ahalihai early in the morning after Gowthaman had left for his morning prayers. Indhiran then tricked Ahalihai and once Gowthaman returned, Ahalihai realised her mistake. Gowthaman then put a curse on Indhiran to have 1000 eyes and cursed Ahalihai to turn to stone. 

Only after the dust from Rama's feet touched Ahalihai she was turned back to a woman and was reunited with her husband. 


Enaathi Naathar Naayanar 

I run a school where I teach warriors how to fight with their swords. 

I had a good friend called Aathisooran. 

Even though he ran a school like me, he became jealous and wanted to destroy what I had. 

What happened next?

athisooran called Enaanthinaathar for a fight. 

Whoever wins will get both schools. 

In their first fight, Enaathinaathar was winning so Aathisooran ran away in fear. 

As Enaathi Naathar had great respect for Shiva Bakthas and Thiruneeru, Aathisooran came up with a cunning plan.

The next time they fought, Aathisooran disguised himself as a Siva Bakthan and wore Thiruneeru on his forehead. Once Aathisooran moved away from his shield, Enaathi Naathar knew he could not attack Aathisooran. Enaathi Naathar surrendered himself. 

Lord Shiva, so pleased with Enaathi Naathar's devotion, blessed him and let him attain moksha.


Say these words in Tamil: 

1) TV

2) Parents

3) Year

4) Bitter Gourd

5) Sky 

6) Airport

7) Feet

1) Tholaik Kaatchi

2) Pettror

3) Varudam

4) Paavakkaai

5) Vaanam

6) Vimaana Nilayam

7) Paatham 


Name this insect in Tamil 

Say 2 lines about it in Tamil (Avoid Um's and Ah's)

Vannathi Poochi 


Finish the Thirukurral and say the meaning

1) Thottanaiththu Oorum Manatkeni......

2) Vilankodu Makkal Anaiyar.....

3) Does Kambaramayanam have morals similar to thirukkural? Give an example.

1) Mantharkku Kattranaithu Oorum Arivu 

Meaning: Water will flow from a well in proportion to the depth it has been dug. Similarly knowledge will flow from a man in proportion to his learning. 

2) Ilangunool Kattraarodu Enaiyavar

Meaning: Uneducated people are considered animals. Only those who are educated are humans. 


Rama accepted 3 characters from Kamabaramayanam as his brothers. 

Who were they and what did it represent? 

Rama accepted Guhan, Vibeedanan, Vaali as his brothers. 

Guhan was a hunter, Vaali was a monkey, Vibeedanan was an Asura. Despite all their differences, Rama accepted these individuals as equals, as his family. This represents unity and respect, something everyone should strive for. 


I am a very rich Nayanaaar. I could afford to light lamps inside the temple at day and night. 

In order to reveal my greatness, Lord Shiva made me poor. I began to work as a labourer to earn money so that I can buy oil to light lamps at the temple. 

I even wanted to sell my wife so that I could have enough money to buy the oil. But of course no one accepted this. 

I became really desperate and wanted to use my own blood so that I can light the lamps. In that attempt, Lord Shiva caught my arm and blessed me for my devotion. I reached Lord Shiva's feet. Who am I?  

Kaliyar Naayanaar


Say these phrases in Tamil: 

1) Amma come quickly

2) Amma listen to this story!

3) Say 3 more phrases in Tamil.

1) Amma Kethiya Vaango 

2) Amma Intha Kaththaiyay Kelungo 


Who is this?

Where was he born?

What were his poems about? 

Name two texts that he has written.   

This is Mahakavi Bharathiyar 

He was born in Ettayapuram in Tamil Naadu. 

He wrote a lot of poetry and fought for women's rights, India's independance. 

Some of his works include Puthiya Aathichoodi, Panchali Sabadam, Pappa Paattu etc. 


Complete the thirukkural and say its meaning: 

1) Theeyavai Theeya Payaththalaal...

2) Say another Thirukkural that uses fire as a simile. 

1) Theeyavai Theeyinum Anchappadum 

Evil produces more evil. Therefore doung eveil deeds should be feared more than fire. 

2) Theeyinaal Suttapun Ullaarun Aarathe Naavinaal Sutta Vadu. 


Who do you think sparked a chain of events to lead to the death of Ravanan? 

Was it 

1) Kooni? 

2) Soorpanahai? 

Support your choice with an explanation


Name 10 Nayanars. 

Aanaayar, Eripaththar, Kaliyar, Meiporul, Kaariyaar, Apoothi Adigal, Kannappar, Siru thondar, Eripaththar, Kunguliyar, Muruga Naayanaar, Kaaraikkaal Ammaiyaar, Kaariyaar, Isaignaaniyaar etc. 


Say this phrase in Tamil. 

1) Amma can we go to the library? 

Explain the formation of 247 letters. 

1) Amma Naangal Noolahaththukku Pohalaama?

Uyir Eluththu=12

Mei Eluththu=18

Uyir x Mei=216

Add all =246 + 1 Aayutha Eluththu =247


Name the Dasavathaaram (10 Incarnations) of Lord Vishnu. 

In Hinduism we have gods who create, protect and destroy. What are their names and what is their duty? 

Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Marasimhan, Vamana, Parasurama, Rama, Balarama, Krishna, Kalki

Brahma - Creation 

Vishnu - Protection 

Shiva - Destruction

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